JC or QC: Which one?

This is a second article by one of our AKC judges Frank Yeh entitled Selecting a Lure Coursing Test- JC or QC.  It explains the difference between the two types of tests you can enter your sighthound in, the JC or the QC.  This decision is often very confusing or perplexing for many new exhibitors.  In this article Frank gives great explanations of the Junior Courser and Qualifying Courser tests and the rationale for which one you might select for your hound. This article will be especially helpful for new exhibitors and for those of you who are experienced and are mentoring new exhibitors.

When you enter your hound for a QC or JC be sure to look carefully at the entry form and check the ‘TEST’ box and then clearly select if you want the JC or the QC.  If you select the QC ‘TEST’ be sure that you are prepared to have an experienced hound of a similar running style to be present to run with your test dog.  Also be sure to have a blanket/jacket for the test dog.  If you need help with either of these be sure to contact the secretary before the event.

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